Current beauty favorites and must haves

Let’s just start off with my skin type. I have very sentisitve skin. I’m talking I change razors… rash. New deodorant… rash. New body soap…. breaks out. It’s really great, however I have been able to narrow down a few must have skin care items so we’ll start with in shower stuff!

Body wash- I love Grandpas Pinetar soap. I get mine from my local Fred Myers. It honestly doesn’t smell great, it smells like a smoked turkey. But it is the one thing that helps with body acne! And it’s great for sensitive skin. Also the smell comes off in shower so you don’t stink after wards

Clarisonic- I find that it’s most convenient to use my Clarisonic in the shower while my conditioner is settling in. I take the head off and let it dry out on my counter so it doesn’t harbor bacteria. I’ve also had my Clarisonic for almost a year and I just had to charge it for the first time

Cetaphil- cetaphil and I have a love hate relationship. I love what it’s done to my face. I have ALWAYS struggled with breakouts texture and blackheads. Cetaphil found me in college and I instantly fell in love. However there is nothing in cetaphil that does anything great for your skin. So I’m looking for a standard cleanser that does great things for my skins appearance and also does great things for it down the road

Now let’s talk about Mario badescu. Some of these products CHANGED my life. I am not being dramatic

– aloe cucumber face spray, holy shnickeys guys I love this spray in the morning, in the afternoon, when I’m doing my makeup setting my makeup you name it.

– lavender chamomile spray, let’s be honest I don’t love love lavender but I can’t help myself spritz this all over my face after showers and before bed

– glycolic cleanser, guys this a game changer. I use it every other night, it’s a natural exfoliant, makes my face so soft and I see a major change in texture pores and breakouts

-seaweed cleanser and toner, the cleanser has slowly taken place of my cetaphil, it’s so soft and makes my face feel great! The toner I use everyday after I cleanse and before I put on serums and I think it does a great job of getting the last little bit of stuff plus it doesn’t sting the skin at all

Drunk elephant glycolic night serum, I honestly don’t know why I love this so much but I feel like it does great things for my skin and I’ve had noticeably less breakouts

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