I have ALWAYS struggled with my body shape. Being 5’4 I am by no means tall and the first place I gain weight is my legs and my bottoms 🍑. Which sounds like everyone’s dream, but I have been very sensitive about my legs. When I was in high school a bully actually referred to me as thunder thighs. Which as a very active 17 year old that was heartbreaking. Then I got into college and really started to be even more active and watch what I was eating. At my lowest weight I was about 135 lbs, but I also had a 22 inch waist and 40 inch behind. Fast forward to today 6 months after having my son and gaining about 35 lbs in pregnancy. I’m learning to love my body all over again, but health and fitness is something I struggle with and find myself going in and out of. Here a few of my tips and tricks for moms and everyone else!

Moms- ankle weights and a kettle bell are all you need for a great at home workout while your baby is napping or right before bed. Here are a few of my work outs I do with these

Single leg RDL’s. I put an ankle weight on my right leg and keep my left leg planted, while reaching down slowly to the ground and lifting the right leg slowly as I go. I stand up and pull my right leg through and squeeze the glutes! That’s one rep, I do that until failure and then switch legs

Standing alternating crunches with ankle weight. This is one is pretty simple ankle weights on both ankles hand behind head. You lift the left knee and touch it to right elbow, repeating as fast as you can for a set of 10 and then switching sides

Russian twist: ankle weights on both ankles help workout your quads while doing abs. With my kettle bell I rotate from side to side counting to 100

Sit ups: need I say more…. I do these for 40 seconds and rest for 20

Although those are just a few they get your heart rate up while engaging your muscles and make for a great quick workout that you can do quitelty and anywhere through out the day

Now for people who have time to go to the gym. I like to keep it pretty simple. I spend an hour and ten minutes at the gym. No more no less. With a 15 minute cardio warm up, elyptical, tread mill, bike stair stepper whatever gets your heart rate up. As soon as it hits 15 minutes get off and go stretch for 5-10 minutes

Then I would go into strength training. Weighted squats, deadlifts, lunges and kickbacks are some of my favorite workouts for the booty and legs!

Arms is probably my least favorite thing to do so I keep it super short on arm days and do rows, lateral pull downs, pull ups and seated and standing curls.

When consentrated on a certain area of the body I spend about 25 minutes doing that workout.

Then I go into HIIT workouts, whether that be running stairs and then doing abs at the bottom or weight training that gets your heart rate up, about ten minutes

Instead of HIIT on some days I would solely work on abs for about 15 minutes with a light stretch at the end

Then I head Into the dry sauna for about 10 minutes.

That’s just my routine and what works for me! Let me know down below if you want some great healthy recipes 🥗🥗

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