My Laura’s boutique buying experience!

First I’d like to say that not only does this site have a good Instagram page but their website is pretty easy to buy off of!

Here are few pros of the online boutique

  • You can use the link from their Instagram for easy navigation
  • You can use either a debit card or PayPal to purchase
  • If your in the LA area you can order online and pick up same day from a warehouse.
  • Semi easy navigation
  • They pose in the same position for pictures and it’s always the same model
  • Fast restock
  • Fast shipping

Okay as with everything there a few also a few cons

  • The size chart is just the models measurements not an actual size chart
  • There’s easy tabs, for example: dresses, tops, bottoms, new arrivals. However you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to find anything else
  • Sells out fast in certain sizes

Here are a few things that I purchased

The “Nelly pants” I got these in a size large. I love them I tried them on when I first got them and texted my best friend that she needed to get them as well. I think they will be great all spring and summer long. I’d pair with a cute heel for more dressy occasions and maybe some cute sandals for a more casual occasion. They also come in white. I am 5’4 and the bottoms are slightly long but nothing over dramatic.

The “Samantha high waist black jean”

I semi love these jeans, they are super flattering and fit mostly very well. I would say I do have jeans that hit a little higher waist but they sit right at my belly button. I didn’t have any issues with the legs being too tight sense I do have larger thighs. I think these jeans are very stretchy! I was kind of reluctant on which size to get and I ended up getting a size 7, I’m normally and American Eagle size 6 if that helps. They also released in different colors, and I will probably purchase the olive green ones in the future.

The “Sarahi Jacket” guys I LOVE this jacket. I think I got in a size medium and it fits really nice. I like it a little oversized. I think this could be worn casual or dressed up and it’s super comfortable

Honestly this shirt isn’t bad. It could be better. Them hem hits at a weaker location on my body and I felt myself pulling it down all day or tucking it into my jeans. It was comfortable though, and it did stretch mildly through out the day.

Here’s me in the Addison top and Samantha high waist Jean! I ended up tucking the shirt mid day and it was fine!

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