I’m that really annoying mom that takes pictures of her kid every month with a card that says how old they are. I get a lot of questions on how I make them look professional with out actually even owning a camera! So here’s my tips and tricks to taking great pictures of your baby!

  1. iPhone camera set on portrait mode. This is how I get the good quality with out the expensive camera!
  2. Natural lighting is everything, I try to take the picture before 1:00 pm so that way the lighting stays pretty consistent and having a window or two near by is the real trick!
  3. A white sheet, this one is a great hack for that professional feel. The white sheet I have is actually one that I used to have on my bed that I got online. But I’m sure any white sheet with some texture will do!
  4. The white faux fur rug I have I got at TJ Maxx for under $30. I also have a grey one that I will use later on!
  5. The monthly cards were a baby shower gift that match my swaddle blankets. They were purchased at Target but I’m sure you could find some online at Amazon.
  6. The last and final trick or tip is to have a happy full baby and lots of patients! Especially when your baby learns to move and wants to crawl out of frame!

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