Land of the not so free

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I was born in the summer of 1994. Until September 11th 2001 I didn’t fear anything. I was in the 1st grade when I walked into my moms room and she was crying with a friend on her bed. The airplanes had just went threw the twin towers and everyone was in shock and fearful. I was sent to school in the reassurance that I would be safe. Everything was normal until our first recess, we went outside to play. A low flying plane flew over us and madness ensued. We were rushed inside by screaming teachers that were barely keeping it together, but trying to put on a brave face for those of us that were too little to understand. You know who I blame for that day that I still remember 17 years later? It’s not middle easterners, it’s not Muslims, it’s the SPECIFIC group of people that were responsible for that day.

When I was ten I encountered my first real glance of racism. We were driving along and I heard my father mutter “that’s disgusting”. I was naive asked him what? He then pointed to this couple in the park holding hands and eventually kissing. I didn’t understand until he pointed out that the male was black and the female was white. “It’s just wrong” he said, I told him they were in love and nothing was wrong with that. I was ten years old and I’ll never forget what he said to me that day. He looked at me and sternly said “Jennaka if I EVER catch you kissing a black man I’ll disown you”

Being the child that I was I never saw color. My friends were my friends and I didn’t care the color of their skin. I know this blog may seem random, however I didn’t know how else to get my emotions and points across, with the freedom that I wanted.

What’s happening in America today is WRONG. Separating children from their parents for no reason besides the fact their skin is darker and you think they shouldn’t be in our country is WRONG. I have never been so ashamed of the fact that I live in America. I am the biggest believer in this country. I’ve studied history book after history book, in everyone they talk about internment camps and how they were wrong. How embarrassed the citizens of the United States were during that time. Now it’s 2018 and I can only be OUTRAGED about what is happening. This isn’t political, it’s fact. If you are more upset about black men kneeling during the national anthem, than what is happening in our country TODAY, then you are apart of the issue. I have nieces and nephews who are Mexican, my son is half black, my best friends are black, and I have a handful of friends of different races from around the globe. I don’t see color, but I do see right from wrong, and this my friends is wrong.

We aren’t the land of the free, we’re the land of if your white your free anything else comes at a cost.

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