I recently decided to try pre work out to help me push through workouts. Being a mom usually means I have 45 minutes to an hour max at the gym and I can only go 2-3 tines a week. That being said I have to really busy a** in the gym to make sure I’m getting a good workout.

I decided to go with a brand that I’ve followed for a really long time on Instagram and one that I also trusted!

Alani Nu is a newer nutrition brand that offers a wide range of products from fish oil pills, hormone balance pills, pre work out, bcaa’s and protein. While keeping the ingredient list clean and very limited, I trusted this brand would have the best ingredients with a good price as well.

The first thing I tried was the Hawaiian shaved ice pre work out. It tasted just like you’d think with an after taste of coconut. I went to the gym and pushed threw cardio, legs, and abs. I still had energy after the gym, and I didn’t have any weird side effects. However I personally hate coconut and so I was chugging the pre work out thru a straw to get it over with.

When their “citrus dew” flavor launched on 7/30 I didn’t hesitate to purchase, I saved a few scoops of the Hawaiian flavor and gave the rest to my best friend. She loved the coconut after taste and has been using it since.

I finally got to try the Citrus dew flavor yesterday and I immediately fell in love. It worked just as good as the Hawaiian shaved ice but with a flavor that I preferred!

I also bought the peanut butter brownie protein for my sons father and he tried that as well and said that it was good and not chalky at all.

All in all I’ve been very happy with Alani Nu’s products!

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