Left Over Breakfast burritos

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Left over, one skillet, 15 minutes breakfast burritos!

I’m the worst person to go to dinner with because I never eat my whole meal. I either always have left overs or Que finishes them for me (which he doesn’t seem to mind. If your like me and always have left overs here is a simple left over, one skillet breakfast burrito recipe that only takes about 15 minutes.


Left over fajitas

Rice and refried beans

6 eggs

A handful of baby potatoes


Shredded cheese.

Step 1:

Cut up baby potatoes into little pieces, drizzle with olive oil and microwave for 2-3 or until soft ish

Step 2:

If your fajitas had onions pick those out and cut into smaller pieces while the potatoes are in the microwave. Put those in the skillet

Step 3:

Add potatoes and seasoning

Step 4:

Heat up left over rice and beans In microwave

Step 5:

Add eggs to potatoes once potatoes are golden brown on the outsides. Season with salt and pepper. Once eggs are mostly cooked at a little shredded cheese and bell peppers. Take off heat and let sit

About 2-3 eggs per burrito

Step 6:

On tinfoil add tortilla, spread rice and beans and a little shredded cheese, along with cut up avocado

Pre heat oven to 350

Step 7:

At egg mix to tortillas, add salsa if necessary, wrap and put in oven for 3-5 minutes. This will just combine everything and keep warm while your putting anything away!

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